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Comfort in highest quality
At our new all-round harness by U-Turn the name says it all. RX3 stands for relax to the power of 3 and this applies to the seating comfort as well as to the very high safety standard through the innovative foam protector. The light all-round harness is offering comfort in highest quality and processing – built for athletic adventurers.

The RX3 was designed as sporting all-round harness. Thereby the light design and slim shape emphasize the sporty character. Nevertheless much value was placed on maximum protection – and thereby the new developed foam protector achieves the top damping values of 23,45 grams. The innovative and certified system thereby offers very high safety already at the beginning of the starting phase.

The RX3 can be perfectly adjusted to the particular needs of the pilot. The differentiated adjustment possibility of seating board and back tilt paired with the elaborate suspension system provide optimized adaption and very
high seating comfort. The leg loops are padded with neoprene and are closed outwards – that prevents uncomfortable pressure marks in the crotch area. The ergonomically formed seating board is an in-house development, it combines particular robust features and high break resistance with low weight. The rescue container pocket is positioned directly under the seating board, this arrangement near the body‘s center of gravity facilitates the release of the rescue with low exertion of force. Additionally the pocket is slotted, to ease the pulling out. A particular easy pull outside container enables a smooth release of the rescue system even if the direction of movement is in an angle of 90 degrees.

For the two main suspensions a very hard-wearing tissue material with a Kevlar core was used. In combination with the elaborate seaming this ensures the high abrasion resistance and maximum values at the tearing tests. Additionally the flaps are color-coded and pose the perfect supplement in interaction with the color code on the risers.

The RX3 is aimed at all pilots, who are looking for a sporty all-round harness with very high comfort. It is suitable for beginners, occasional flyers as well as ambitioned xc-pilot, who prefer legroom without restriction by covering.
Many sophisticated details enhance the functionality of the RX3
Two zipper pockets at the side
Generously dimensioned back compartment
Drinking tube opening and suspension flap
Hard-wearing outer shell
Optimized speed bar flow
Retaining elastic band
Simplified rescue system
Innovative foam protector
Ergonomically formed seating board
Kevlar-strengthened suspension loops
Leg straps



The maximum made easy
The uncompromising light-weight harness is impressing through reduction – however it doesn’t lack any comfort. In favour of a comfortable sitting posture with active support function partly strengthened materials were used and not every gram saved. This is promoting the tearing strength and because of that the durability of the product. The SPIRIT is a reversible harness and was designed for the alpine Hike&Fly usage. The bribing easy construction and the usage of high quality high-tech-materials are responsible for minimal weight. Nevertheless cross country flights can be made without any problems.

The SPIRIT stands for the free flying, so everything that’s not strengthening the functionality was being waived. The SPIRIT doesn’t have seat boards but is equipped with a single-leg-suspension, which is catering for more freedom of movement and causing a more direct feedback. U-Turn is setting great value upon the biggest possible protection – so the SPIRIT is despite the extreme light-weight-design, equipped with an accumulated-air-airbag which can be zipped off. Additional the very generous back upholstery is supporting and strengthening the protection. The backpack is offering storage space for the whole Hike&Fly-equipment which is sufficiently protected by the robust outside material. An ergonomical load bearing system with generous padding guarantees optimized load arrangement. Material loops with elastic band and outside pockets are offering additional opportunities.

The minimal weight and optimized pack size also make it a favored travelling companion. The single-leg-suspension also make it an interesting option for tandem pilots.

The SPIRIT is addressed to pilots, who prefer small pack size and minimal weight. It is designed for the durable usage and the high demands of alpine Hike&Fly adventures.


Rezerve U-Turn


XS/S / M/L / XL/UL

Much safety packed in small size
Low sink rates and fast opening are what define the SECURE. The Rapid Inflation System (RIS) designed by U-Turn is providing very low opening time.

Particular ribbons cause that the canopy does not lie flat on top of each other at the ‚base‘, but that an accurate calculated pre-tension generates air gates. Thereby the filling behaviour is positively influenced, especially in the first few milliseconds. For the SECURE the PARATEX RS is used. The cloth was designed by U-Turn in co-operation with Paratex and optimized for the usage in reserve parachutes. It is a tear-proof nylon fabric, which fulfilles the high demands to tear resistance and at the same time ideal porosity, at only 40 grams per square meter. The fabric quality additionally ensures the relatively small pack size of the SECURE.


Backup X115

Save your life
With the BACKUP series U-Turn presents an innovative line of reserve parachutes in the newest generation. The lightweight cross canopy X 115 is built in accordance with the newest development findings and provides all constructional advantages of the square reserve parachute with a sensational weight of only 1.2 kg. The BACKUP X115 not only provides impressing minimum values at weight but also at the vital opening and sinking rates. Through elaborate calculations of the cross canopy shape and air outlets it results in a flight behavior that is almost completely free of pendulum movements.

Thanks to the usage of state-of-the-art high-tech materials the BACKUP X115 is a lightweight despite its uncompromising sized surface area. This is vital for the sinking rate and the stable flight behavior. Efficient air inlets – in combination with the pre-tensioning at the base edge through Rapid Inflation System (RIS) – compensate for the surface area at filling behavior and opening time. Therefore the reserve concept was able to undercut the stringent norms of the EN and LTF certification. But also at the processing cutting-edge manufacturing methods at highest safety standards are applied. That is the result of the long standing manufacturing-know-how from the traditional parachute production.

As another novelty the BACKUP X115 is equipped with the Easy Connect. That is an innovation by U-Turn that drastically simplifies the mounting of the reserve. Through an integrated soft-link the main bridle of the BACKUP RX can be connected with any junction neat and easy.

The BACKUP X115 is EN and LTF certified and is available as of now.
Backup your life! So grabbing the reserve gets easier.

BACKUP X115: lightness that matters in case of emergency. Reliable when you need it – inconspicuous when you don‘t.


Backup RS
100 / 120

The squaring of the circle
The long controversy whether to use round or cross canopy reserves has an end. We are following the simple principle – the best of both. The BACKUP RS combines the aeronautical advantages of the cross canopy with the easy handling of the classic round canopy. In the area of parachutes the construction-mix has been established for a long time through the T-11. To the paragliding market the system was introduced by Companion. With the BACKUP RS U-Turn offers a light alternative based on the round-square construction principle.

Since the year one U-Turn examined the advantages of different reserve
canopy shapes and continued that through countless development innovations. The new round-square construction was also put through several practical tests and revealed astonishing results in the test flights. That is how the positive features of both construction designs were enhanced. The advantage of the mix-design is a very stable sinking at a high swing resistance. Through the additional air outlets the air can escape in a controlled manner and simultaneously provide a fast opening of the rescue systems as well as stability. The opening time as well as the sinking rate was considerably reduced through elaborate calculations at the BACKUP RS series, thereby we also managed to undercut the existing EN and LFT standards. The consistent lengths of the lines drastically simplify the packing of the rescue and are easily sorted through color coding. Another innovation by U-Turn is the easy connect. Through an integrated soft-link the main bridle of the BACKUP RX can be connected with any junction neat and easy.

The BACKUP RS is a reliable rescue system, built in accordance with the latest constructional findings. Minimal pack volume and weight make the BACKUP RS first choice for all pilots, who want to control their safety.


Through the long standing know-how from the traditional parachute production, only state-of-the-art manufacturing procedures on highest safety standards are used during the manufacturing process of the BACKUP RS. The material-mixture is aimed at long-term durability. The used canopy material Paratex SX 20 is characterized through high resistance at low elongation features. An antistatic coating avoids the layers to stick together which additionally accelerates the opening.