Parapante U-Turn

U-turn Evolution

XS 22,0 / S 24,0 / SM 26,0 / M 28,0 / L 30,5 / XL 33,5

Revolution of the A-class
The innovative beginners wing is bringing the technology of the Acro area into the training class. The EVOLUTION possesses the innovative PBV of U-Turn.

The valves in the bottom sail are providing additional aeration in extreme angles of attack and switch themselves on, if a fast pressure build-up is necessary. This is not only facilitating the folding-resistance and mistake-forgiving flying features, but also is provides a matchless incomplex starting behavior. The system is operating as well and fast as that it avoids any tendency of the canopy diving forward during the start. The glider was designed to guarantee biggest safety possible and because of that forgives mistakes of the pilot. Nevertheless a great importance was attached to the flying pleasure, which is especially notable in the thermal lift. The EVOLUTION is increasingly put to use in precision landing competitions, since the PBV is enabling a bigger spectrum of the approach angle. Especially in the low speed flight the higher angle of attack area is positively notable.

The Evolution is an extra-safe glider, which also forgives mistakes – truly is a lot of fun and flies really well.


The PBV works precise and without delay. “When an asymmetric collapse occurs, valve after valve opens up and aerates the glider, while the other side is optimally filled and flies without problems” – points Strobl out to an observation. And in B-stall the valves open over the whole wing span, during which the glider stays calm at a sinking of 8-10 meters: No whipping, no drifting “but completely controlled, calm sinking”, so Strobl.

At all the safety the fun at flying is not supposed to go short, Strobl reports about the other significant aspect of the specification book. That is why the wing has an AR flat of 4,5 and an innovative line geometry: 2 main lines on the A-level, 3 on B (incl. stabilos) and again 2 on the C-level to minimize the resistance. Four line diameters from 0,95 up to 2,2 mm provide the optimized balance between durability and preferably low cross-section. “As a result there is an agile flying behavior, the EVOLUTON reacts relatively direct to steering pulses and lets itself be turned flatly” so Strobl. Understandable that the EVOLUTION therefore can be moved quickly. When in trim, the wing reaches up to 39 km/h, when accelerated even up to 48 km/h – and all of that at the very high LTF-A-safety-level.

U-turn Emotion 3

Emotion 3
XS 23 / S 25,5 / SM 28,5 / M 30 / L 31,5 / XL 35

Safety in a new generation
The EMOTION 3 is setting new standards in the field ofsafety and performance. There was never made such a huge effort before, to reach a new developing level. The test and construction workings on the new high-end A-wing lasted for more than a year. Many studies and prototypes were created and discarded and optimized through countless test flights.

The demands to the newest generation of the established EMOTION series were very high, nevertheless all expectations were exceeded with the new concept of the wing. U-Turn is relying on class-suitable gliders, and so during the development of the new A-class-wing everything was put under the motto of uncompromising passive safety.

The EMOTION 3 is combining sportive features with very high tolerance. Especially in turbulent air it is not easy to ruffle the wing – is a pressure compensation necessary anyway, the reactions turn out very moderate and damped. The high stability is supporting the outraging glide features and the rise performance of the EMOTION 3. Even in weak thermal the wing is rising very efficiently and is dynamically turned into curves, this is especially positively notable when centering in the thermal.

With the EMOTION 3 particular focus was put on reliable starting behavior. The wing is rising evenly and without tendency of the canopy diving forward. It is filling itself fast even at little wind and with small effort.

U-turn Eternity

XS 23 / S 25,5 / SM 28,5 / M 30 / L 31,5 / XL 35

Safety packed light
The ETERNITY is a middle A glider with optimized performance weight. The light wing is offering an enormous safety cushion with a sportive handling. That turns him into a perfect all-round talent for every adventure. Not only beginners will enjoy the ETERNITY – the mistake forgiving behavior will definitely bring sustainable flight fun for ambitioned XC pilots and alpinists as well.

The new LTF A class wing was designed under the hard criteria of uncompromising passive safety and still the exact handling should not be cut short. Therefore the ETERNITY offers an easy start for students when first flying high, as well as extended fun moments for experienced pilots. The ETERNITY transforms control pulses precisely and combines A class appropriate tolerance with dynamics. The sweet-tempered flying behavior is encouraged through the light weight of the canopy among other things. The reactions are therefore subdued accordingly. The markedly outstanding glide- and rise ability is especially coming into effect in weak thermal lift and efficiently turns that into height. During the development especially much attention was paid to an easy start behavior. Through a multitude of constructive optimizations these were perfected. Particularly in difficult conditions the ETERNITY simplifies the start to every pilot. The light canopy rises reliably, even at zero wind with little effort required, over the pilot. Additionally the exceptional slow flight features of the wing are causing a low take off speed and much control time during the start.

The ETERNITY offers safety with optimized performance weight. It is not only aimed at beginners, who want to start with small pack size and little weight, but the modern wing also guarantees sustainable fun for ambitioned pilots. The size XL additionally has the tandem certification and therefore offers a light alternative for the double flight fun with matchless direct handling.

The ETERNITY is available in 3 attractive color combinations and in six LTF A certified sizes from XS (60-80 kgs) up to XL (120-150 kg / with tandem certification).

The ETERNITY offers safety with optimized performance weight. It is not only aimed at beginners, who want to start with small pack size and little weight, but the modern wing also guarantees sustainable fun for ambitioned pilots.


The ETERNITY is based on the newest knowledge of the flow simulation. Chief designer Ernst Strobl developed a wing profile that combines a high tolerance spectrum with glide features full of buoyancy. Elaborate calculations of the High Pressure Crossport Design (DPCD) are not only providing the weight reduction but are also maximizing the transverse aeration of the cross ports. How efficiently this system works, is already manifested while the glider is rising. It provides a very fast pressure build up and gives the wing a balanced internal pressure during the flight. The 3D shaping and the optimized pre-tensioning of the wing as well as the Precision Profile Nose System (PPN) are enabling the perfect flow around the profile. Mini-ribs and the Brake Gathering System (BGS) are helping the profile to more form fidelity at the rear end and precisely transfer the control pulses to the wing. A very overseeable line concept with few main lines is providing an easy handling and a good overview during ground handling. The risers are equipped with the Pilot Assistant (PAS) where besides the color coding, icons are offering a better orientation on the line levels.

U-turn Annapurna

22 / 24

Simply light!
The spirit of the time demands a high flexibility and independence, a trend which carries the origin of paragliding into the future. Minimal weight and simple handling – the ANNAPURNA sends the perfect statement and redefines mobility. Therefore there are no limits to your goals, the ultra-light high-tech low end B-wing is hungry for XC-flights as well as for Hike&Fly adventures without compromises and extensive travels to remote take-off sites.

The innovative light wing is a perfect all-rounder of unlimited possibilities. Its elaborate lightweight construction is developed for long-term durability and not only convinces during carrying, but even more so in mid-air. The ANNAPURNA combines outstanding glide features with sweet-tempered reaction behavior. This is additionally promoted by the minimal weight of the canopy. Nevertheless the wing has a good will to turn, provides a sportive handling and directly and instantly transforms control pulses. When in thermal lift it conveys a steady feeling and is unperturbed by turbulent conditions. Especially in harsh alpine conditions the ANNAPURNA offers a very reliable starting behavior besides the sweet-tempered flying features. The light canopy rises almost on its own over the pilot, even in tricky conditions, and takes off with low running speed. Because of the outstanding slow flight features, the take-off distance is very low. This feature will especially be appreciated after a strenuous climb. The ANNAPURNA builds on the enormous existing knowledge and experience from the high-performing Hike&Fly reference EVEREST and enhances the U-Turn Light-Line with an ultra-light low end B alternative.

The ANNAPURNA is available in two certified sizes 22 and 24 and thereby
covers a weight range from 60 -110 kg. Test the lightweight miracle yourself and let yourself be enchanted by the simplicity!

The ultra-lightweight wing is aimed at a multilayered pilot profile. It delights the casual pilot as well as the ambitioned alpine pilot and even provides students with the opportunity to experience Hike&Fly easily.


During construction of the ANNAPURNA, chief designer Ernst Strobl focused on simplification through innovative construction features. The 3D-shaping and elaborate calculations of the ballooning combined with the optimized pre-tensioning of the wing, provide the ideal flow around the profile. The Precision Profile Nose System (PPN) helps to provide the optimized flow alongside the whole cell opening area. Miniribs and the Brake Gathering System (BGS) are transmitting control pulses to the wing with high efficiency and precision. The elaborate calculations of the High Pressure Crossport Design (HPCD) are not only providing optimized performance weight, but also maximize the lateral aeration of the crossports. A very well-structured line concept with few main lines provides easy handling and a good overview during the launch. The risers are equipped with the Multiple Speed System (MSS) and through a second pulley the accelerator travel can be shortened and thereby the glider can be turned into a LTF-A Hike&Fly wing that is suitable for training.

U-turn infinity

Infinity 4
XS 22,4 / S 24,4 / SM 26,4 / M 28,4 / L 30,9

Simply Secure
INFINITY stands for endless flight fun with maximum safety cushion. The glider was designed as an allround-glider with the clear goal of a low B certificate. Now we have a glider which really deserves the attribute lowend B, because in most of the maneuvers it reached A. The INFINITY 4 is the answer to the always increasing demand for a powerful Lowend-B-glider with remarkable security standards and precise handling.

The ongoing numerical sequendce may make you think that the INFINITY 4 (LTF/EN-B) is an advancemend, but on the contrary it is a completely newly designed glider. What stayed is the sweet-tempered characteristic what is typical for the INFINITY. With the purposeful constructive changes Ernst Strobl managed to make the INFINITY 4 fly agile, flexible and fast, but at the same time particularly safe. The Basis for that is a new profile which combines exceptional soar features with high tolerance. These good features were also confirmed with the results of the tests at the certification. The INFINITY 4 was rated with over average many A’s – so it got in 79 maneuvers an A and only in 2 a B.

The INFINITY 4 is aimed at talented beginners and is perfectly suitable for ascenders and switchers, who are looking for more power than in a LTF/EN-A glider but who at the same time think LTF/EN-B is too much to handle. The INFINITY 4 is offering the perfect Mix out of very good performance with maximum security cushion. It likes to spin and is also turning weak thermic circumstances efficiently in height; this makes the glider also attractive to mature pilots with route ambition. The potential of the wing are proofed by the impressing good season-results of the experienced XC-pilot Benjamin Becker, who was getting attention from all over the world with his INFINITY 4 this year.

The High-Tech-concept of the wing is already noticeable in the starting features of the glider. Because of the reduced line concept and the low canopy weight the INFINITY 4 fills itself very easily and is soaring consistently and reliable without tendency to dive forward. During the flight it is converting control pulses fast and precisely and is taking care that the break gathering system (BGS), positively influences the braking characteristics. Exact feedback, outraging measurability and high impact are qualifying the system.

All in all the INFINITY 4 is standing for great flight fun with high cushions while being secure and powerful equally. Although the glider is combining all advantages of a low-B certification, you will be surprised by it’s power. The canopy is available in 3 attractive color combinations and 5 different sizes from XS (50 – 75 kg) to L (95 – 125 kg). All sizes are having the weight ranges, typical for U-Turn, of 25 – 30 kg.

The „Thermikmagazin“ is putting the Infinity 4 under an extensive test and is awarding it with the rating „the end of the fear of going down“. With this award the magazine is crowning the very high security of the Infinity 4.


The INFINITY 4 is equipped with 44 cells and a laid out extension of 5,21. With the top materials Dokdo 30 an Dokdo 20 from Dominco Tex light and also durable cloth was used. The nose mylar wasn’t used at all but instead the PPN-System From U-Turn finds usage. The High Pressure Crossport Design (HPCD), is guaranteeing optimized transverse airing of the crossports and through that a balanced inside pressure of the wing, what additionally increases the security. The efficiency of simplification is also proofed by the very manageable line concept with surprisingly few main lines (2a, 3b, 2c) throughwat the whole line length is just 269,921m. The glider has with 16 cm speedway a topspeed from 51 – 52 km/h.

U-turn Paramotion


Flexibility that cannot be outdone
The PARAMOTION is the first paraglider which is adaptable to almost all circumstances. This flexibility is possible through the built- in zipper with which the surface of the PARAMOTION can be reduced by 2 cells. Therefore the operating range of the quick-change artist is infinite.

As numerous as its possible applications, as wide are its certifications. Besides the normal LTF/EN-B certifications, respectively LTF/EN-A wihout trimmer, the PARAMOTION also possesses a paramotor certification and even a tandem certification. Thereby the operating range is really infinite. The very large weight range is also making the PARAMOTION interesting for the use with a single trike. The flexible glider size is not only a big advantage for the miscellaneous operating areas, but also enables the adaption of the weight range to the given weather conditions. This way you can for example reduce the surface of the glider in rough and windy conditions through the zipper while in calm conditions the whole surface will be used.

The PARAMOTION is equipped with 42 cells and a flat AR of 5,06. The surface of the PARAMOTION can be reduced by the zipper from 35,5 to 33,1 square meters, and these 2 cells can be folded and stowed away in the inside of the glider. In the air the PARAMOTION behaves incomplex and mistake forgiving, however it reactes directely to the control pulses. The canopy is gliding exceptionally well also in the accelerated mode and in thermal the glider operates efficiently and makes good height.

Through the versatile areas of use and the high flexibility of the glider, special value was put onto the durability. This is why only high-quality components are built in and the suspension points are additionally strengthened. That guarantees sustaining good flying features – and long-lasting joy.

The PARAMOTION is an allrounder and is aimed at pilots who are looking for a glider with extremely high weight range. The PARAMOTION is suitable for beginners and is covering a weight range from 100 up to 160 kg and is
certified as paramotor as well as it is as tandem glider.

The Paramotion is available as of now in size 35,5/33,1 with LTF/EN-B and LTF/EN-A (without trimmer) motor- and tandem certification in 2 appealing color combinations.

The PARAMOTION is an allrounder and is aimed at pilots who are looking for a glider with extremely high weight range. The PARAMOTION is suitable for beginners and is covering a weight range from 100 up to 160 kg and is certified as paramotor as well as it is as tandem glider.


Base of the multifunctional glider is the established EMOTION. This is clearly noticeable in it‘s very sweet tempered and mistake forgiving features, because the PARAMOTION is also equipped with the Automatic Flight Stabilisation (AFS). This innovative system by U-Turn intervenes if the air gets turbulent. This technique is possible through a precise calculation of the pre-tensioning at the end of the wing. Whilst the sail is gliding through smooth air, the internal pressure of the wing keeps the trailing edge neutral, but if the pressure on the inside of the wing sinks, the system is correcting immediately. The glider is being slightly braked automatically through the pre-tensioning.

The Precision Profile Nose system is providing stability in the profile nose through plastic reinforcements in the seams and optimizes the flow alongside the whole cell opening area. Chief designer Ernst Strobl is arranging the
line concept with four line levels and 3 main lines per level. Additionally the riser is equipped with the B-Flight system (BFS). Two color-coded control loops on the B-risers are enabling steerable aids of decending – the
B-flight. Through equal soft pulling the glider is going into the B-flight without tipping over and even reaches up to 5 m/s. With according release of the outer B-loops it is steerable during that.


Blacklight 2
LTF/EN B XS 22,6 / S 24,8 / M 27,2 / L 29,2

Innovation, that will take you further
Revolutionary performance capability with straightforward handling – the BLACKLIGHT considerably raised the bar in the B-class. The demands to the new generation were accordingly merciless. The BLACKLIGHT 2 packs a new performance dimension on top of that. The wing was newly designed from scratch and comes up with a clearly higher speed and an enormous glide ratio of 10.7. The BLACKLIGHT 2 conveys an appreciable compact feeling and efficiently brings the power to XC adventures. The fascinating sportive handling is what makes the glider a precise thermal turner. Besides the impressing performance the wing also offers safety and comfort that will take you even further.

With the BLACKLIGHT 2 U-Turn already presents the new XC generation 2017. The revolutionary high end B XC wing BLACKLIGHT 2 emphasizes the innovative energy of U-Turn. The wing was completely newly constructed and carries the tradition of high performance capability with easy handling into the future. The work in development to re-interpret the top seller took over two years. Of course all parameters were meant to be improved upon clearly. That admittedly posed a quite ambitioned challenge, that was more than achievedwith the BLACKLIGHT 2. The new overall concept not only brings a clear increase on power but also the handling and safety were refined and optimized. Additionally remarkable weight saving were realized through intelligent construction innovations.

The kilometer-eater reacts precisely and absolutely free of delay to the littlest control pules and translates thermal lift into height very reliably. The sleek wing also stands compactly in turbulent air and nevertheless conveys a precise feedback. Above all the sharknose provides a high stability and an extended inflow area, which more comfort and power on longer XC flights. However the reactions of the canopy are moderate and soft. The high potential gives the wing excellent starting features and ensure a low take off speed as well as very good slow flight features.

The BLACKLIGHT 2 is a must-have for ambitioned XC pilots, who are looking for a power wing with straightforward handling without renouncing the comfort of passive safety.


The BLACKLIGHT 2 is based on a new ground plan and paired with an elaborately calculated wing profile, which provides much power with high stall tolerance. Chief designer Ernst Strobl equipped the BLACKLIGHT 2 with a sharknose, that provides higher stability during higher speeds. The 3D shaping gives the wing a wrinkle-free tension and increases, in combination with the Precision Profile Nose (PPN), the form fidelity in the nose area. Complex calculations of the ballooning in conjunction with the optimized pre-tensioning of the wing provide the perfect flow around the profile. The High Pressure Crossport Design (HPCD) idealizes the lateral aeration
of the crossports and provides the wing with a balanced internal pressure. The line setup is very straightforward with three main lines.

U-turn lightning

XS 21,5 / S 23,5 / SM 25,5 / M 27,5 / L 29,5

More performance with less weight
Based on the successful XC machine the Blacklight, U-Turn has designed a lightweight wing with stunning comfort and performance. The LIGHTNING is for ambitious pilots who want to go XC with ease – without sacrificing comfort. With the intelligent choice of light weight material a significant weight and drag reduction has been reached. That raised the overall performance- in particular the glide with a remarkable 10.5. The lighter canopy has a positive effect to the flying characteristic in turbulent air – the wing stays calm and balances quickly the pressure differences. But not only in flight has the light weight design come into effect, it eases the comfortable inflation handling too, in special under difficult conditions.

The LIGHTNING is the response to the rapidly growing demand to light weight XC wings. The Focus was set to the comfort flying the wing, spite it is already optimized regarding packing volume and weight; it should feel like a “full” wing. But comfort too in the sense of passive safety. The LIGHTNING fulfills the demands to the EN/LTF B class with ease. The main principle of U-turn – safety and performance – was implemented here with consequence.

U-Turn chief designer Ernst Strobl gave the Lightning 50 cells and a flat aspect ratio by 5.8. The wing is mainly made out of Skytex 27, only in the more stressed leading edge Skytex 36 is used. The ribs and the V-ribbs are made of Skytex 27 hardfinish. The LIGHTNING has 2A, 3B, and 2C main lines. The used lines are mostly unsheathed Kevlar lines in 8 different diameters to receive a balanced line loading. This leads naturally to reduced weight and drag.

The LIGHTNING is the first wing in the new U-Turn design. The new line accents the technical design and the aspect ratio. The theme in the redesign was to connect the U -Turn roots to a clearer design line. The new design fills functional demands too; the new line allows an optimal material mixture in the higher loaded areas.

The LIGHTNING is now available in 4 sizes certified to EN/LTF B: Lightning S (60 – 90 kg), Lightning SM (75 – 100 kg), Lightning M (85 – 110 kg), Lightning L (100 – 125 kg).

Get your own experience, how easy the stunning performance of the LIGHTNING handles.


The LIGHTNING is equipped with the High Definition Profile (HDP). Small plastic reinforcements in the topsail from 45 to 80% of the profile depth make a wrinkleless profile line and a good flow along the profile.
The Precision Profile Nose (PPN) enhances the geometry and stability and hereby the flow around the whole leading edge.

The High Pressure Crossport Design (HPCD) ensures perfect cross ventilation and balances pressure differences in the canopy and keeps it on a high level. Thus the wing recovers quickly after a collapse -smaller ones can even be prevented.The line to line connections are equipped with the Line Loop Protection (LLP) to prevent the line loops from breaking under peak loads. Therfor a kevlar core is spliced in the line to prevent a tangling of the line loops to other lines.


16 / 19 / 21 / 23

Maximum performance with minimal weight
The EVEREST is the first climber‘s glider, which was designed for performance. It was designed for the hard alpine usage and for Hike&Fly adventures and convinces mainly with its flying features besides its small pack size. The very light performance wing is one of the lightest paragliders worldwide.

It efficiently transfoms thermal into height and is equipped with a great deal of power. Nevertheless the small weight of the canopy facilitates its sweet-tempered features. The wing reacts precicely to the control pulses and without any delays. The EVEREST is aimed at all pilots who don‘t want to renounce performance when flying alpine. Altough the focus was clearly on the reduction of weight and pack size, there shouldn‘t be any compromises when it comes to durability. This way a few more grams were accepted to give the glider the full-value equimpent to also make it suitable for daily use.

The name says it all: the EVEREST by U-Turn is addressed to hikers, mountaineers and climbers who love to finish their trip with a glide down in the valley. Here for chief designer Ernst Strobl designed a wing perfectly located in the triangle weight reduction, durability and performance. The task was to develop a sufficient performing wing; whose part of the extra weight and volume in the user’s luggage is not charging too much, thus the wing is durable and keeps for a long time its well balanced characteristics offering a lot of fun with a good glide. We found out that many pilots use their light weight wing not only for mountaineering but rather also for leisure flying.

For this the EVEREST comes with an extra portion performance and climb ability. The flat aspect ratio is 5,5 and in size 16 the EVERESTs trim speed is between 43 and 47km/h fast, accelerated up to 58km/h. The bigger sizes (19, 21 and 23m²) are just below these numbers. “On a normal thermal day the performance reaches up to the of a standard EN B wing, “but in demanding conditions the concept shows its roots” says Strobl. Patrik Gollnhuber, as well in mountaineering and flying very ambitious, could do several smaller cross country flights in the design and tuning phase.

U-Turn co founder Thomas Vosseler points it out: “We accepted a few gram more weight and gave the wing the size to be a full-value glider with a lot of fun and high safety level. The elaborate material mix in the EVEREST, whereby Strobl was not only focused on weight reduction, but rather durability too: “No one profits when the wing is a super light one, but after 50hrs use the performance decreases dramatic,” the chief designer points out. By this reason he used Skytex 38 (38g/m²). Nearly 100% of the higher loaded areas in bottom and topsail are made of this fabric. The material uses U-Turn for years in high performance wings.

To minimize weight and packing volume in the new design „we decided to connect the A and B attachments completely on the profile. With this we are saving the V-Ribbs and spread the load over more attachments on the profiles.” This means there is a lot less load per attachment for the Skytex 27 “Hard Finish” material and so for a long time a good profile “wear resistance.” the remaining areas are made of Domenico Dokdo10. “In the section of 25-27g fabrics this polyurethane material is the far best in our opinion” so Strobl.

The EVEREST is a sleek wing with a strong performance, who will have the same performance after hours many flying! The EVEREST is available in the sizes 16 (2,25kg), 19 (2,46kg), 21 (2,65kg) and 23 (2,84kg) covering a weight range from 60 to 110 kg.


The mix of Skytex 36, Dokdo10 and Skytex 27 „Hard Finish“ rib material grants a sturdy good performance and a lot of fun. Especially the wing is equipped with the PPN system. Because of the increased number of attachments points in the A and B lines Strobl could use a Liros DC 45 (Dyneema, 0.55mm diameter) for the top lines, which leads to volume and weight reduction. The use of 7 different dimensioned line types in the wing grants the sturdy trim and so a lot of fun.

U-turn Everest Plus

Everest plus
16 / 19 / 21 / 23

Maximum performance, minimal weight (starting from 1,98 kg)
The EVEREST+ is built for pure hunger for experience outside of any and all conventions. The wing offers you the freedom to keep all your options open through its minimal pack weight. May it be in the reliable thermal spots, travelling or at alpine adventures. Based on the successful Hike&Fly wing Everest the plus provides even more flight fun, more handling and even smaller pack size. A new line concept with three covered main lines per riser and a new light weight clothing are what make the upgrade perfect.

The Everest belongs to the lightest full value gliders in the world. The wing has a huge fan community, because the lightweight miracle additionally convinces with outstanding glide- and rise features. The wing is designed for the hard alpine usage, although it was consciously meant for the everyday use. In favor of the ideal durability, a few more grams additional weight were accepted.

Following the motto “make the best even better”, the newest version EVEREST+ surpasses itself and therefore plays in a separate class. Of course the basic features should not only be kept through the upgrade but even be improved – and that was definitely achieved with the plus. The canopy deforms considerably less than its predecessor and remains calm even when in turbulent conditions. Should a pressure balance be needed after all, the extremely light canopy opens quick as lightning and still soft. Additionally the wing almost doesn’t turn away, even during heavy collapses, which guarantees a big safety-plus especially when flying close to rocks in alpine flights. The subtle and direct handling with short control ways and precise reactions of the wing remained. A fat plus is also appropriate when it comes to the starting features. The light canopy rises problem-free, even in zero wind, to the zenith of the pilot and offers an exceptionally easy start behavior, even in demanding alpine conditions.

The EVEREST+ offers maximum performance at a minimum weight. The wing is aimed at all experienced pilots who want to redefine freedom – with the possibility to operate unlimitedly. On the mountain, travelling and when flying in the reliable thermal spots.

The EVEREST+ is available in the four sizes 16, 19, 21 and 23 and thereby covers a weight range of 50 – 120 kg. Schedule your test flight and experience the lightweight miracle yourself!

The EVEREST+ offers maximum performance at a minimum weight. The wing is aimed at all experienced pilots who want to redefine freedom – with the possibility to operate unlimitedly. On the mountain, travelling and when flying in the reliable thermal spots.


What also remained of the base is the layout, number of cells, and AR. Chief designer Ernst Strobl counts on the new line geometry of the upgrade with three covered main lines. That is not only providing an easier handling during the start on the ground and when doing Big Ears, but also has an overall positive impact on the flying characteristics. At the same time 12 m of lines were saved, through which, combined with the lower diameter, the drag of the lines could be reduced by as much as 8 %. The line attachment points for the A- and B- lines are completely hung up on the profile, that saves material on the V rips and raises the weight distribution per line attachment on the profile. The modified pre-tensioning of the wing and the lighter Precision Profile Nose (PPN) are enabling an ideal flow around the profile. Elaborate new calculations of the cross aeration through the High Pressure Crossport Design (HPCD) are helping the wing to a balanced internal pressure.


Passenger 2

Handling to the power of two
It’s time for a new interpretation of flying tandem. The PASSENGER 2 brings the agile solo handling to the two seater class for the first time – high turn propensity with low control pressure are making the PASSENGER 2 a very efficient work tool for every tandem pilot. The PASSENGER 2 combines high performance with highest safety and is putting the fun in flying first. The advanced two seater is available in two configurations as GT or Pro version.

The PASSENGER 2 is newly designed from scratch. Much value was placed upon the first class handling, which is clearly noticeable through the low control pressure. The double seater reacts precise and without any delay to the smallest control pulses and is therefore easily steered into curves. Therefore it can easily happen that you forget you are flying a tandem right now. Although the PASSENGER 2 makes up for its surface area, when it comes to the performance the surface area has a double effect. The PASSENGER 2 is working very efficiently in the thermal lift and reliably transforms it into height. And even the glider stands solid in turbulent air it facilitates precise feedback and a direct flight feeling. The sharknose is providing high stability and an extended inflow area. When it is about brining passengers in the air, passive safety has doubled priority. The canopy reactions looks accordingly moderate and very damped, that provides calmness in every situation.

Especially much value was put upon the outstanding starting features during the development. Even at zero-wind the PASSENGER 2 fills itself, fast and without any effort and rises over the pilot in a controlled fashion. The low take off speed and a surprisingly short start run are offering a stress free start even with demanding passengers. But also during the landing the outstanding slow-flight features convince combined with the high performance potential of the wing for very good flair characteristics. So the landing will be simple with the

Low weight of the canopy with high durability – that is what the intelligent material mix and the high quality processing of the new PASSENGER 2 promises. The top materials Dokdo 30 and Dokdo 20 are providing a low weight at high abrasion resistance. At the PRO version the specifically developed PX40 material from the acro area is used. The extreme resistance to abrasion and tearing is especially noticeable during the return on investment of professional tandem companies. The PASSENGER 2 is covering a high weight range for a start weight from 140 kg up to 230 kg for one and two seated flying. The PASSENGER 2 is available in the versions GT and PRO. Both versions have the LTF/EN B certification.

The PASSENGER 2 is aimed at all tandem pilots who are looking for a highly developed two seated wing from the newest generation. Agile handling combined with performant glide- and rise features are easy on the resources of the pilot on cross country flights for two.


Chief designer Ernst Strobl equips the PASSENGER 2 with various constructive innovations. The PPN and the sharknose are providing a higher profile fidelity alongside the cell opening. Elaborate calculations of the ballooning in combination with the optimized pre-tensioning of the wing are ensuring the perfect flow around the profile. The High Pressure Crossport Design (HPCD) provides an ideal cross aeration of the crossports and ensures a balanced internal pressure in the whole wing. In the rear part of the wing Miniribs and the Break (ßACHTUNG DA HAST DU IM DEUTSCHEN EINEN TIPPFEHLER DRIN) Gathering System (BGS) are providing an efficient force transmission of the brakes. The riser is equipped with an innovative trimmer system. The effective system prevents the warping of the profile, through not only accelerating the D and C level, but also the B level is being changed in relation to the angle of attack. Through that the form of the profile is being maintained, which leads to better gliding. On the D-riser a special clamping device is mounted, which allows the pilot to fixate the brake lines in any position. Therefore even in turbulent conditions, you can take care of the passenger. A separated A-riser offers an easy way for doing Big Ears.

U-turn redout

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Performance + Freestyle = Freeride
The new funwing from U-turn combines freestyle elements with power. The new mix out of sportive dynamic and reliable rise power is leading to the new category “freeride”. The outstanding glide qualities are turning the dynamic funwing into a highly efficient “turner” in thermal lift. With that the area of use is almost infinite with the multifaceted funwing. It is as convincing while soaring as acro trainer but also when flying in thermal – that is what makes that wing a real freerider.

The Redout is designed for dynamic flying fun on a high security level. Because of that it is also a perfect Acro glider for beginners, since despite the high dynamic the focus lied on sufficient security cushions. Especially when learning new maneuvers the glider forgives, if the timing isn’t 100 per cent right. Although it has high tolerance, the Redout has a very precise and direct handling, to learn the figures knowingly. In it’s genes the influences of the pro-wing Thriller are clearly noticeable – except the Infinity Tumbling all acro maneuvers are learnable and doable with the redout. That makes it the perfect prestage to switch to a pro acro-wing later.

The Redout is addressed to pilots who want to have miscellaneous funwing in their luggage, which is suitable for the dynamic flying, but at the same time gives you loads of power. At once it is suitable for all, who want to
start flying acro. As a freerider this wing is as efficient when building height as it is when playing dynamically and reducing height. The outstanding power of this sportive wing is bringing fun either way. Because of the solid construction it is easily getting over stabi-touch landings as well as chopper jumps.

The Redout is premium-quality processed and designed for durability. As in all U-Turn Acro gliders, only materials, which have passed the extreme strain and hard long-term tests, were used for producing. Especially at the cloth the established and robust original material of the thriller came int use. But also in it’s processing everything is done to ensure durability and shape fidelity, including multiple reinforced seams, reinforcements on all line suspensions and v-tapes.

The Redout is available from now on in two licensed sizes: 19 m² and 21m².
Size 19 is licensed for a start weight from 50 – 90 kg with LTF/EN-C, and for 90 – 115 kg with LTF/EN-D. Size 21 is licensed for a start weight from 60 – 120 kg with LTF/EN-D.

The REDOUT is addressed to pilots who want to have miscellaneous funwing in their luggage, which is suitable for the dynamic flying, but at the same time gives you loads of power.


The exceptional glide and rise power from this agile wing are also guaranteeing loads of fun when flying thermal. That way, chief-designer Ernst Strobl is relying on a very powerful profile, which despite the relatively low surface is turning thermal lift in height. The high turn propensity and dynamic are enabling a very narrow centering. The high security cushion and mistake-forgiving tolerance of the wing are also relevant when it comes to flying in thermal lift. With that, U-Turn’s High Pressure Crossport Design (HPCD) is ensuring optimized lateral air supply, is compensating quickly for air pressure differences during turbulences inside the wing and by that ensures balanced internal pressure. Responsible for the stability of the profile nose is the Precision Profile Nose system (PPN) and optimizes the flow alongside the whole cell opening.

Four levels of lines, each with 3 main lines per riser are catering for an optimized force transmission. Additionally the forces are being dispensed perfectly, even when highly strained like during balloon or chopper jumps, through the intelligent arrangement of the starting points. The riser is equipped with the Stabilo Security Function (SSF), by a rubber line fixed on the riser the stabilo line is graspable very fast in needed situations.


Blackout plus
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The acro wing with the unbeatable handling! The story of success on the BLACKOUT is based on balanced canopy-harmony, which offers the perfect mix out of mistake-forgiving dynamic and precise handling. The BLACKOUT PLUS was able to achieve a clear improvement in terms of dynamics as well as the handling, without making the glider more aggressive. Much dynamic with easy handling, that is what makes the BLACKOUT PLUS equally suitable for hobby acro pilots and acro beginners as well as professionals.

The aspirations of the upgrade stood under the premise of simplification. It appeared almost impossible to enhance the outstanding features of the BLACKOUT and keep the sweet-temperedness of the dynamic wing at the same time. We are proud to present this improvement and the most balanced acro wing yet with the BLACKOUT PLUS. The upgrade was developed in close coordination with the Acro Team pilots during the competition season. Countless modifications were inspired and tested by team pilots. Besides the optimized pre-tensioning, there have been works on the brake geometry as well as the trim and on the stabilos.The result is a distinct improvement in all connections, the BLACKOUT PLUS works much better when it comes to the Heli connections. Additionally the BLACKOUT PLUS brings more power to the maneuvers like Sat2Heli, Heli2Sat and prevents flattering stabilos due to the heightened internal pressure, which is especially noticeable in Anti-Rhythmic. Through the modified brake geometry Helico and Twister are also easier to fly.

Much value was also placed upon durability of the BLACKOUT PLUS as well as maintaining the excellent flying features under extreme loads. Therefore the wing is supplied pre-trimmed. The BLACKOUT PLUS also uses the specifically developed PX40 material. The well-established material was first used for the THRILLER and continuously improved upon. An innovative coating provides better long-term results and optimized tear resistance. PX40 is currently the strongest fabric that can be used to build a wing. When it comes to the processing everything is done for durability and form fidelity – that includes multiple reinforced sewings and reinforcements at the line attachment points and V-tapes. Chief designer Ernst Strobl builds the wing on 50 cells and counts on a modified line geometry. Like all acro gliders, the BLACKOUT PLUS is also equipped with the Stabilo Security Function (SSF), to quickly resolve the situation when making a swaying movement.

The turning in the connections of all negative maneuvers is very homogeneous with the BLACKOUT PLUS which reduces the twist-tendency and offers more safety, especially for acro beginners.


Even though the BLACKOUT PLUS masters all acro maneuvers without problems, attention was paid to the fact that the glider forgives pilot mistakes. Brake and canopy tension were chosen in a way that especially acro beginners can get fast senses of achievement. The easy handling was particularly in focus when thinking of the basic maneuvers like Rhythmic Sat / Infinity / Heli2Sat / Sat2Heli / Misty / Mctwist / Misty2Heli. The turning in the connections of all negative maneuvers is very homogeneous with the BLACKOUT PLUS which reduces the twist-tendency and offers more safety, especially for acro beginners. An important point during the countless test flights of the glider through U-Turn Acro Team pilots was the optimization of the brake pressure. Maneuvers like Corkscrew or Mctwist can be done without winding that way.


TwinForce RE4

The acro two seater – extra power for dynamic to the power of two
As innovation pioneer U-Turn has a long-standing tradition to constantly redefine the flyable limits. No other wing proves that as impressively as the worldwide first acro tandem paraglider Twinforce. The two world cup winners Pal and Gabor performed the world premiere and flew a double seated Infinity Tumbling with the wing for the first time ever. The innovative wing is a technical master stroke and made history – now the time has come to newly set up the legendary dynamic miracle and take it to the next level.

The inexhaustible empirical knowledge as world market leader in the area of acrobatics combined with the continual findings from the top of competition made the development possible. After countless Twinforce hours and thousands of Infinity Tumblings the myriads of new findings that were made were included in the new generation TWINFORCE RE4. RE4 stands for release 4 and offers uncompromising dynamic with simplified handling.

The demands on the glider are immense due to the extremely high forces that act upon the material. Through an intelligent layout of the line attachment points the surface load was optimized further and distributed equally. All cells are attached separately and reinforced multiple times. But also alongside the leading edge additionally sewn-in reinforcement-bands of the cell connections ensure durability in the highly stressed part of the wing.

The TWINFORCE RE4 is aimed at experienced acro pilots who want to grant their passengers access to a new dimension and to the fascination of paragliding acrobatics. Additionally the wing also offers the possibility for experienced trainers to coach future acro pilots with it. The TWINFORCE RE4 allows the experienced pilot to make the complete range of acro maneuvers accessible to passengers. Since the aeronautical and mental requirements to the TWINFORCE-pilot are very challenging, the glider is only handed out to pilots who are able to prove their capability.

The TWINFORCE RE4 is aimed at experienced acro pilots who want to grant their passengers access to a new dimension and to the fascination of paragliding acrobatics.


When it comes to the leading edge Strobl relies on the U-Turn-typical high tech design with pressure-optimized opening sizes and the Precision Profile Nose (PPN) to improve the inflow in the nose area. In correspondence with the valves in the bottom sail the glider is a pure dynamic weapon. The additional aeration through the Pressure Balance Valves (PBV) in the bottom sail is an innovative invention by U-Turn. Through the PBV the wing is provided with the necessary dynamic pressure even in inconvenient angles of attack and therefore offers a higher range of tolerance in the extreme angles of attack which occur during the acrobatic flight. The High Pressure Crossport Design (HPCD) optimizes the lateral aeration, for a balanced internal pressure of the wing. All attachment points are reinforced multiple times. Like all other U-Turn acro gliders the TWINFORCE RE4 is also equipped with the Stabilo Security Function (SSF), to quickly resolve the situation when making a swaying movement.


Speedmaster 3
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Give your fun more speed
Razor-sharp lines close to the relief demand uncompromising precision. The SPEEDMASTER3 delivers this and reacts to control pulses directly and without delay. The modern construction provides a stable entity between wing and pilot and gives the dynamic flight a high pitch stability. Despite the small surface area the compact wing offers much glide performance and a high speed area. The SPEEDMASTER3 is designed as an all-round speed glider – it follows your intuition whether you‘re on skis racing down snowy hills or over steep terrain in the summer.

Dynamic and speed are doubtlessly fascinating but only if both remain controllable at any time. The SPEEDMASTER3 has a high tolerance area and nevertheless a sensitive handling. Elaborate calculations optimize the stability so you can focus on the perfect line. Through the application of trimmer and brake the gliding angle can be adapted quickly and precisely to the given terrain. Short touch downs are flown just as precisely as quick turns with deep dives. The name of the dynamic wing says it and holds a respectable amount of energy for swooping fans. During the development of the SPEEDMASTER3 special value was placed upon the easy starting behavior – the compact wing starts exceptionally reliable and rises instinctively above the pilot.

While the bigger surface areas are perfect for the first experiments with speed-gliding the glider turns more and more into a profound wing for ambitioned speed-gliding pilots the smaller the size.

The SPEEDMASTER3 is an all-terrain speedglider and is aimed at pilots who want to perfect the performances close to the ground. Foot launchable, with skis or for strong-wind freestyle-sessions.


Chief designer Ernst Strobl uses the know-how from the acro area and combines dynamic with a profile that has strong ascending force. Elaborate calculations of the High Pressure Crossport Design (HPCD) are not only ensuring weight reduction but also maximize the lateral aeration of the cross ports. It gives the wing a balanced internal pressure and ensures a fast pressure build-up. The optimized pre-tensioning of the wing provides the perfect airflow around the wing, the Precision Profile Nose System (PPN) ensures the ideal inflow of the profile. A straight-forward line concept simplifies the handling and provides overview during the take-off-preparations.


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The ultimate fun machine for triple dynamic power
Freestyle soaring on strong wind coast lines, wagga ground training or alpine adventures, the TRINITY redefines dynamic. The mini-wing presents inexhaustible possibilities with concentrated power for the game forms between freestyle and carving – built for playful moments full of agility. The fun-wing was developed in cooperation with the groundhandling expert Mike Küng and realized according to his ideal prospects.

It is idle to introduce the exceptional athlete Mike Küng – the groundhandling luminary is doubtlessly the number one when it comes to the near-ground game with the elements. Mike is a tireless perfectionist and helped introduce groundhandling to the performing public. He is also a perfectionist when it comes to his demands toward his equipment. Therefore when optimizing the TRINITY he was accordingly uncompromising. What emerged is a wing that carries the authentic DNA by U-Turn and will take the definition ‘mini-wing’ to a whole new level. The TRINITY is a real all-rounder and is convincing as freestyle glider, when soaring in strong wind, as ground trainer as well as during alpine adventures. The compact wing reacts very sensitive to control pulses and transforms them directly and instantly. With increasing use of the brakes, high turns are easily put into action. Despite the little surface area the TRINITY offers outstanding performance capability with very good rising features which especially and literally comes into effect during soaring. When in thermal lift the exact handling of the glider in combination with its good will to turn provides unlimited flying pleasure. The high area load gives the wing a compact dynamic with smoothness, nevertheless the reactions are surprisingly soft.

The small pack size and weight are not just making the TRINITY an indispensable fun machine for every opportunity, but in combination with the outstanding flying features also a reliable companion for alpine adventures. Especially in competitions like the RedBull Dolomitenmann the wing is completely in its element. Of course the ground trainer and fun wing can be started very easily and effortlessly, so especially in difficult alpine conditions and in competitions that poses a big plus.

The TRINITY is a multi-talent and aimed at all pilots who are looking for the dynamic game with the elements. As freestyle wing, ground trainer and strong wind mini-wing – the compact wing offers maximal flying pleasure between agility and performance packed onto the smallest possible size.

» Freestyler, ground trainer, alpine racer, the dynamic mini wing offers triple dynamic fun in maximal perfection. « Mike Küng


Chief designer Ernst Strobl developed a wing profile that combines glide features full of drive with dynamics. Elaborate calculations of the High Pressure Crossport Design (HPCD) are not only causing a weight reduction but also maximize the lateral aeration of the crossports. It gives the wing a balanced internal pressure and provides a fast pressure build-up. The optimized pre-tensioning of the wing and the Precision Profile Nose System (PPN) are providing an ideal flow around the profile. Miniribs and the Brake Gathering System (BGS) are transmitting control pulses to the wing in a precise fashion. A very well-structured line concept with few main lines on three levels simplifies the handling and gives a good overview during groundhandling.